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How to Shop Pyoure on the Cheap

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How to Shop Pyoure on the Cheap

I understand funds can get tough every once in a while. I am painfully aware of how an unexpected expense can throw a household budget completely off track.  So, here are three quick and dirty ways to save some cash while NOT sacrificing your non-toxic cleaning routine!


How to Shop Pyoure on the Cheap


1.  Combine our Ultra Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner with store-bought hydrogen peroxide.  


The Ultra Concentrates are essentially super-condensed cleaners without peroxide or lots of water.  Three come in a pack, and just one 2-ounce bottle makes a gallon of heavy duty cleaner.  You can dilute them even more to create a light-duty cleaner.  Since you can purchase 3% hydrogen peroxide from the store for roughly $1 a bottle (more or less, depending on where you live), the total cost of the cleaning solution is about $.08 per fluid ounce!  


For our Canadian brothers and sisters, this is by FAR the best option to save lots of cash!


Side note: I'm not a huge fan of store-bought peroxide because it usually has unspecified stabilizers.  But, it's certainly better than bleach or other toxic cleaners, and is a much safer choice.  So if your budget is stretched, go for it!   


2.  Buy in bulk.  


The Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Concentrates in the gallon size are the second best way to shop Pyoure inexpensively.  One gallon makes at least 5 gallons of cleaner for a total of $.12 per fluid ounce.  And remember, because our surfactants are extremely powerful, they can be diluted beyond what the instructions direct.  Adding extra water will dilute the peroxide content too, but for me, I'm only concerned with higher peroxide content when I'm cleaning my toilets, bathroom faucets and handles, and the kitchen sink.  Other than that, I'll let it slide juuust a bit.   


3.  Buy on sale.


This tip kinda speaks for itself, but combining the first two tips above with our occasional sale will result in massive savings!  And if you've still got that 20% coupon from signing up to our newsletters, don't waste it on a small purchase.  Save that bad boy and use it on a larger purchase of, say, $50 and up!  


And there you have it - my top three ways to save the most money with Pyoure!  I hope these tips prove useful.  Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions!

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