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What surfaces can I use your products on?

Generally, Pyoure can be used on non-porous surfaces such as tile, granite, glass, grout, and ceramic with probably no problems at all.  For other surfaces, especially those that are varnished or plastic, just do a quick test to make sure it won't harm the surface.

Do I have to rinse the product off, or can I just wipe it off?

Well, it depends.  If the concentrates are diluted according to the mixing instructions, which is 1 part Pyoure to 4 parts water, I recommend rinsing, especially if used on a reflective surface like glass.  If you make a weaker solution (i.e. using more water to dilute the concentrates than is recommended), or if you use it on a non-reflective surface, you might be able to wipe it off with no residue.  You can play around with what works best for you.  

For the spray gels, rinsing is always recommended.

Can I use your products in my washing machine?

I do not recommend using Pyoure concentrates or spray gels in the washing machine. Because the soaps in our products are not the kinds that go into washing machines, it might leave oily spots behind or damage your washer.  But if I'm being honest, I personally have used the Fragrance Free concentrate in my washer to get urine stains and smells out of clothes, and it worked surprisingly well.  Let it suffice that this is a do as I say, and not as I do type of thing.  

Stay tuned for a Pyoure laundry line coming soon!

Can I use Pyoure on my carpets?

Again, because Pyoure's soaps are not meant for carpets, I cannot recommend its use on that type of surface.  If not rinsed thoroughly, the residue could end up attracting more dirt to your carpet.  But again, in the spirit of honesty, I have sprayed the diluted concentrates on my carpet and got poop stains up really well (don't judge me).  

Why did parts of my hands turn white when using your products?

That is the double edged sword of cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes certain organic matter--that's how it kills germs.  Unfortunately, unless you've got cow hide for skin (like me), it's probably going to oxidize and turn your skin white if you're using it for a long time.  If this happens I recommend using gloves.  

However, gloves are HIGHLY recommended for everyone when handling the 7% undiluted concentrate.  

Are your products available in stores?

No, sorry.  One day we hope to be able to sell our products in major stores, but for now, we only offer our products online.  

Are your products toxic?

There are no toxic ingredients in any of our products.  This does not mean that you don't have to be careful when using them.  Our products should NEVER be left within reach of children.  If ingested, you need to immediately contact a physician.  

But there are no harmful fumes from our products, and every surface is safe for immediate skin contact after it has been cleaned with Pyoure.  Our fragrance free concentrates and spray gels are safe for food surfaces also.

What is your return policy?

We are so confident that you will love our products that we provide a 30-day money back guarantee with absolutely no questions asked.  Send us an email and your product back within 30 days, and we will issue a full refund.

Do I have to store the mixed solution in a dark bottle?

No, not if you're diligent about keeping it stored in a dark cabinet.  But if you're like me and leave it out on your kitchen counter regularly, then yes.  The UV in sunlight breaks the hydrogen peroxide down over time, so keeping it in the dark helps to preserve the potency of the peroxide.

How long will the hydrogen peroxide remain active?

Well it depends.  Because the hydrogen peroxide that we use in our products does not contain any stabilizers or preservatives, its shelf life is much shorter than that of the typical hydrogen peroxide you can purchase at the grocery or drug store.  To maximize the potency of the hydrogen peroxide we recommend keeping it stored in a dark bottle at room temperature or colder, never store in a metal container, and using distilled water when diluting.  Peroxide is highly reactive with metals, so if there are any minerals or metal in the water you are using to dilute the Pyoure, it will react with the hydrogen peroxide and weaken the solution. 

Why does the bottle I keep the mixed solution in look like it's about to explode?

Probably because you diluted it with plain tap water, and/or you have it stored in a metal container, and/or something has contaminated your solution and has reacted with the hydrogen peroxide, and/or it's been sitting unused for a long period of time.  My recommendation is to keep it in a dark clean bottle, diluted only with distilled water.  If you are going to store the products for an extended time (a month or more), keep the caps screwed on loosely so that the oxygen can escape.  

What are the mixing instructions or diluting instructions for the concentrates?

Mix 1 part Pyoure concentrate with 4 equal parts water.