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32-Ounce Glass Spray Bottles

  • $ 16.99

Our impact-resistant glass spray bottles feature an exclusive soft coating that not only helps absorb the impact of minor dings, it also makes them surprisingly easy to grip and hold.  

These glass bottles are a must-have for anyone making their own homemade cleaning solutions.  Because the glass is non-reactive, you don't have to worry about anything stored in them taking on a funny smell or mixing with chemicals found in common plastic containers.  Plus, their extra large 32-ounce size means there's plenty of room to store large amounts of product and minimize refills.  

The black spray bottle is opaque and PERFECT for cleaning solutions that use hydrogen peroxide and require dark storage (ehem ... Pyoure cleaning concentrates anyone??).  The black model also features a thin see-through strip so that you can easily gauge how much liquid is inside.  

And let us not forget the mention what is arguably the most important thing about these glass spray bottles--they look really freakin' awesome on the counter!  

Yaaaaassss!  Finally!

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