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Disposable Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes 150 Count - Pyoure

Disposable Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes 150 Count

  • $ 24.99

Disposable hydrogen peroxide wipes have finally arrived, and let me tell you they are AWESOME!  

Pre-moistened with our most impressive hydrogen peroxide cleaner, these wipes make light-work of any tough job in the kitchen, bathroom, floor, or other areas of your home.  These hydrogen peroxide wipes are also versatile enough for both quick touch-ups and heavy duty cleaning.  Plus, their durable fabric can even be rinsed and reused for maximum cost savings.

Three packs of 50 wipes comes in each order.  Pick any 3 of our fabulous fragrances!

Kid Safe
Pet Safe
No Harsh Chemicals
No Harsh Fumes

Size: 8.38" x 9"

Quantity: 150

Hydrogen Peroxide: 1.3%

Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, and organic surfactants.  Fragranced versions contain fragrance and may contain essential oils.

Note: These are folded flat and do not pull through a pop-up dispenser.

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